Personalized Home Care Services for the Absentee Owner

You have an important investment in your home and our Caretakers Team gives you peace of mind that it is being cared for during your absence. Services we have provided since 1988 include: Home & Villa Inspections, Cleaning, Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping, Repairs & Maintenance, Refurbishing & Renovations. We pride ourselves on providing professional and personalized services for the absentee homeowner. Any of our services can be customized to meet your specific requirements (Grocery shopping, furniture removal, receiving packages for your Hilton Head home, starting cars that have not been run for an extended period of time, etc.).

Why Do You Need a Caretaker?

Your home needs a Caretaker to make sure that a small issue does not turn into a big catastrophe. Too often, the following instances occur with no one home, and by the time the homeowner uncovers the damage, it’s already too late:

  • Air conditioning breaks in the heat of the summer
  • Water heater leaking
  • Electrical problems (you would be surprised at how often lightning strikes twice on Hilton Head Island!)
  • Rodents in the house
  • Storm Prep (bring in lawn/patio furniture, tie down chairs, etc.)
  • Let in service personnel, such as pest control, HVAC, etc.

Why choose us?

Operated as a full-time business, offering 24/7 ‘concierge level’ service to all clients. Since 1988, Caretakers HHI has taken care of properties in every plantation and we have worked with every contractor on the Island. We will recommend the most knowledgeable, experienced professionals to ensure that your projects get done quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Caretakers HHI maintains client confidentiality at all times and we are bonded and insured.