Here is what our customers say about us:

We know our home is in good hands and can relax when we are away from it. We highly recommend their services and we look forward to continuing to work with Blake. He is very efficient…very knowledgeable…and very pleasant to work with on planned and unplanned projects dealing with our home. As far as we are concerned, they go above and beyond to provide the best service for their customers/clients. On a recent weekly inspection, Blake realized the upstairs temperature was off…checked the thermostat, and found it not working…contacted our heating and air company to inspect the problem and handled the repair and replacement of our unit. During this whole process, Blake kept us advised of estimates of the cost to repair and was on site for the actual repairs. On another occasion, there was a leak in a pipe in our yard and Blake contacted the water company to turn off the water to the house; contacted a plumber to fix the leak; met the plumber at the house for the repair; and then re-contacted the service authority to resume water to the house…all in time before our house guests were due to arrive. Again, Blake communicated with us the entire time to keep us apprised of the costs and time frame for the repair.

We know, unequivocally, that our house and home are in good hands…

[Blake] has worked to ensure that every need has been proactively handled with professionalism, courtesy, and with the same care that we would if we were there…

Blake has inspected my house on a weekly basis and identified many issues, big and small, and helped us to resolve them with qualified contractors and servicemen. Blake’s construction expertise and critical eye have given us extra confidence in making repair decisions, from afar.

We have enjoyed the peace of mind that Caretakers has allowed us.

Blake has been outstanding; we would recommend him to anyone needing this kind of service. He is very thorough and careful and has kept us informed about the status of all the repair projects throughout. We felt our home was in very good hands while he was looking after it. We particularly appreciated his attention to detail; he made sure everything all of our concerns were taken care of and followed up on all of our questions.

During a recent insurance assessment and inspection, which I asked Blake Smith to help facilitate, he noticed a water build-up in one of the AC air-handling units, a sure sign of an eventual blockage. As a non-resident, having this brought to my attention and getting the AC service folks in to immediately rectify the problem in all likelihood averted a potential major issue in the near future.

We have used the Caretakers services ever since we purchased our house in Hilton Head and cannot say enough good things about them. It relieves us of all the worries of being absentee owners. For example, last summer when we were out of the country, our house was hit by lightning causing a massive power surge that resulted in the destruction of most of our electrical system including the heat pumps. The Caretakers immediately took charge and had the system repaired and operating in a very short period of time. We have also used their renovation services and again they excelled due to the fact that they provide excellent on-site supervision and know the top tradespeople for every project.

One thing we have been pleasantly surprised by is how affordable Caretakers is! For the level of services that they provide, we did not need to look any further than Caretakers.